“It seems that The Djinn has a life of its own, usually the conjurated beings disappear after a certain time, but this creature always comes back, especially when it is to protect Fyrah. Often small ‘accidents’ happen, where he even breaks her things or scares people. That’s why she’s having a bad time with this Djinn, but she’s already been saved by him in an encounter with thieves, since that she has been tolerating the presence of this mysterious creature.”

“Fyrah has a dream of becoming the best mage in the world and to conquer that dream she worked hard to get into the best magic university on the continent. She enjoyed every second she was in college, she studied so much, but so much that everyone recognized her as the best student in the place. Then came the day that she most craved and feared, the day of the final exam where she would have to demonstrate to the teachers and the director the result of all her study… 
During the test, Fyrah was impeccable, which only helped to strengthen her ego. Soon the conjuration evaluation came, her task was simple, she needed to think of some small animal and conjure it. 
She thought of a kitten. 
When she was up to do the casting, she saw a cockroach crawling on the floor in one corner of the room. At that moment she froze, but decided to compose herself and pretend she had not seen anything and made the conjuration. 
She conjured up a cockroach… 
She screamed and then tried to compose herself again and all embarrassed, she apologizes to the teachers, saying that she was nervous and would like to try it again. They let. 
And she conjured up an even bigger cockroach… 
Without thinking she tried to make another conjuration, but the cockroach came towards her and she ended up changing the direction of the wand making her magic hit one of the bottles of potion that falls to the ground and shatters. Her magic mixed with the potion making a Djinn came out. 
Everyone was puzzled, and they asked her what she was thinking when she released the spell and she said that wanted someone who could end the cockroaches up. 
The director told her that the potion she hitted was designed to temporarily increase magic levels. And that must be why she was able to conjure a djinn. But he made it clear that even using the potion, there isn’t anyone who could conjure such a creature until now.”
Little story written by my friend Luciana Borborema.
Thank you
Big Golden