• Owl Race

      posted in Regulus Project by cindyaa on December 21, 2017

    • Description

      Project my significant other Virgilio and I are working on. We want to make a rpg/adventure and open world game with different playable characters in it. And these owls are one race of them.

      About this race: They are very intelligent and a a swift kind of creature. They have a great hearing ability due to their facial disc and are very silent in their movements, these qualities make them being good at furtive approaches.
      Although they are related to birds, they do not fly and do not have hollow bones. And they have claws, like scythes, on their feet to aid in climbing the trees. The claws can also help them boost a run, or control the movement by maneuvering while running. They have powerful muscles on legs and a long, muscular tail to control the swing as they run, and their arms, which still have feathers, can be used as a kind of rudder that can help change direction while running.
      They are intelligent and fully aware of their existence in the world, they know that one day they will die, but they believe in life after death and are alive to strengthen their spirits. They know that they are in the world by the whims of God Regulus. . To kill or injure another one is the greatest crime, sin and dishonor that exists between them, and can be sentenced to eternal prison.Members who committed some for act of dishonor are heavily mistreated and may even be expelled.

      Clothing with very simple designs, strong colors but very minimalist style. The simpler and more useful the garment is, the better it is to defend against attacks by negative spirits in the atmosphere. Clothing must have positive vibrations and help the wearer to have more energy during their activities and thus build a more modest mind and have peace with oneself. They may have some adornments representing the nature or forces of nature. Or sometimes emblems of the Tree where one lives. Clothing should also respect the lifestyle of this species. Ones that facilitate the movement to run, climb and fight.