Regulus Project – Dragon Characters

Project my significant other Virgilio and I are working on. We want to make a rpg/adventure and open world game with different playable characters in it.

Creatures known for their incredible abitiy of forging and dealing with gems. They aren’t a quick creature but a sturdy and strong one. They run in their four feet, but can walk using their back legs. They use their strong claws to hunt but it does not mean they are entirely carnivorous, many fruits and vegetables are part of their diet as well. Besides their appearence, they respect the world as it is, not hunting just to kill, but only when it is necessary for living.
They have a culture of living together, but they don’t form a family and they aren’t linked by blood lineages. They live together because it helped them to live more and easily, like hunting together. In their city it can be seen a lot of markets and forges.
One of the favourite activities of their culture is the storytelling, they love to tell stories, to tell about their adventures, strong enemies or unusual creatures they fond and created a bond with it.
Clothes: Heavy clothes with a lot of metal, gems, jewels and they must show their pride in fighting, hunting, or show the ability of the blacksmith.
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