Fantasy Characters 06

Some assignments for the Character design course from cgvirtualworld

Artworks date: 2020

She carries the stars from ground to the sky. Only this creature is able to see the correct path to the sky.
It was the last week’s assignment for the Character design course. Thanks Rhasdra and Bragato for the feedbacks !!

Undersea Kingdom

Character Lineup I did for a character design course from cgvirtualworld.
Thank you guys for all the feedbacks <3

☄️ Spirit Hunter ☄️

Some souls, when leaving their bodies, become uncontrolled and in rage, having the problem of never returning to paradise. The hunter of souls ties the lost souls and takes them back to their place.
But this one created little dummies to make the service for him.
Another assignment for the CG Virtual World’s character design class. Thank you teachers for the feedbacks!