Some Fast scene illustrations

Artworks date: 2022

Fire Flower Dance

Sometimes life looks like a precipice, it doesn’t matter how tough you are, you can be stuck on there and have the risk to fall. And when we are lost in this rock labyrinth, a help is needed to escape from there.
I don’t know if this image brings what I wrote above, but it was what I was feeling when I started it.

“You don’t deserve it”

Is what Renshu thinks of himself.
He has a big responsibility on his hands, guarding the water temple.
He thinks he’s not up to this task, feeling unprepared or that he is not the right person.
Will he get over that feeling one day?

He’s a tiger that protects the water temple, but he still has a lot to improve to be worthy of this position. He is impatient and nervous, like a tempest. But his daily responsibilities are helping him to get better as a person.

Transporting the fish to the right place. Fishbending? XD

I changed this scene a little bit after taking Ethan Becker’s presentation about stop doing worldbuilding. My mind exploded oO

some idea explorations

Cyntia, the Fortuneteller
character design by @Ametat2(twitter)