Spirit Healer

An assignment for the Character design course from cgvirtualworld

Artworks date: 2020

In a distant and ancient land, there is a community that depends on the forest to live. Their beliefs are based on spirits and protective beings of their lands. Everything given to them is due to the blessing of the spirit Grandmother of the forest, mother of creation spirits. To complete the tribe’s shaman ritual, an offering must be given to the Grandmother spirit, as well as some trials must be done in the walking through the forest until the meeting with the entity.
The biggest challenge is to go through the ordeal of the Wolf spirit , who will try to eat the candidate for Shaman, whose job is to soothe the soul of the agonized creature.
They say that this Wolf is the result of all the bad manifestations of the beings that live in the forest. So it is the duty of the Shaman to pacify him and restore him to a harmonious state.