Christmas spirit
Cindy avelino elfa natal final
Cindy avelino elfa natal concept

Karen, the snow princess. Character study
Special thanks for Yan Kyohara and Katan Walker for the critics, they helped me quite a lot!

Cindy avelino elfa natal concept

Karen character study

Cindy avelino elfa natal thumbs

Thumbnails for illustration.

Cindy avelino elfa natal final gifani

A Secret Santa art for Lorena Pimenta :D
I HAD A BLAST DOING IT *_* Lorena's art inspires me quite a lot!! Thank you!!
I really tried to leave my comfort zone ^^'
Little story:
The snow is always cold. Many people hate it because they can not stand their bone-chilling.

But Karen, the snow princess, wants to show all that snow and ice are wonderful. With lots of energy, she brings hapiness for many creatures with her spells and comfort people that get lost in the storms. Karen is a very kind and pure spirit, despite having such frivolous power that could freeze many hearts, she uses it to make masterpieces of snow, full of energy and joy and making a better day for many people and creatures.

Karen loves the Christmas and is determined to help the Santa Claus, bringing much energy and joy to this period.