Krigg, the Cosmic Corsair
Cindy avelino cosmic corsair ilustration
Cindy avelino cosmic corsair krigg

Yeah, Krigg has a complex, he wants to be taller and stronger. Never make fun of his stature or else you won't see the next day.
he is a mix of a grumpy and crazy little turtle, oops, normal sized turtle.

Cindy avelino cosmic corsair studies
Cindy avelino cosmic corsair gif

A turtle that hates the fact that he is small, slow and weak. Krigg does everything to make his body bigger and stronger, a character who doesn't like to feel inferior.
Nothing or no one will stand in Krigg’s way in his achievements so, the loots of his conquers, are often used to upgrade his exoskeleton, and gain power and prestige. He can easily manipulate anyone and convence them to join his cause.
Character I did for Deviantart's Contest: Original Character Challenge - Cosmic Corsair #cosmiccorsairocc