Nathair, the Physician, part 2
Cindy avelino nathair illustration
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He can look menacing at first sight but, by spending a bit of time with him, you will see his kindness, even being a snakeman.
- You can see the character design process here:

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The majority of people of his time would call him "necromancer". Although he doesn't use magic, he uses the knowledge he learned while living in the monastery he grew up. He could find some roman books about medicine and gained experience.

Nathair was a very dedicated Physician, he tried everything he could to help treating the ill and learn, by himself, the art of surgery. Even the latter being a sacrilege, opening bodies was forbidden, but it didn't stop Nathair to study the creatures corpses. He was never catch and was able to save a lot of lives because of his superior knowledge of medicine.
I have to say thank you for César Rosolino that mentored me and helped me a lot with this piece. I also have to thanks Matheus Schwartz for helping me out with the piece lighting. ^^